Doomtrooper is a CCG designed by Bryan Winter and based on the universe of Mutant Chronicles. Players use warriors to attack and gain promotion points or destiny points. Promotion Points are used to determine the winner, the Destiny Points are used to play more soldiers and equipment. The original expansions count as many as 12 different card types and more than 1000 cards. In addition to these expansions, the homemade sets bring the total up to 17 types of cards and more than 2300 cards.

The updated basic rulebook for Doomtrooper is available at this link: Doomtrooper 2nd Ed. Rules

Additional rules to basic rulebook are available at this link: Additional Rules

Optional rules to basic rulebook are available at this link: Optional Rules

Official expansions for the card game are: Doomtrooper, Inquisition, Warzone, Mortificator, Golgotha, Apocalypse e Paradise Lost.